Types of hummus: 

-CLASSIC HUMMUS – made from chickpeas with lemon, garlic, tahini and olive oil

-LABAN MA’ HUMMUS – A rich Palestinian style of hummus made with yoghurt and butter

 Served with olive oil and fresh parsley + grilled pita bread  /5€

Served with extra vegetable sticks for dipping  /+2€

Extra grilled pita bread  /+1€

 Free toppings:

-Our home made Zhug – Yemenite green chili sauce – with fresh green chillies, cumin, fresh coriander/cilantro and garlic)

-Sriracha chili sauce


-Fresh coriander/cilantro


Hummus indulgence – hummus with extras:  /+0,5€ for each extra topping

-Fried mushrooms

-Tomato mix (fresh + sun dried)

-Cucumber (fresh or pickles)

-Caramelized onion


-Our own cured Armenian style beef Basturma  /+1€

Classic menu:

Snacks :

Garlic bread toasts with smoked chilli sauce or vegan mayo  /  3.50€

Fried potatoes with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce or vegan mayo  3.50€

Crunchy chicken wings with BBQ mayonaise   

6 pcs  4.00€  /  9 pcs  5.50€  /  12 pcs  7.00€

Main Dishes :

Schnitzel "Classic"  with burnt butter sauce  /  9.00€

 Schnitzel "Parmigiana" with tomato Napoli sauce and cheddar cheese  /  10.00€

Schnitzel "Latvian" with tomatoes, mustard-pickles, cheddar cheese  /  10.00€                   

Schnitzel "Australian" with BBQ sauce, bacon, fried onion, cheddar cheese / 11.00€

 Grilled BBQ ribs with Taproom BBQ sauce

0.450 kg  11.00€  /  0.900 kg 17.00€   


 Beer sausage with hot sauce

0.5 m  12.00€  /  1.0 m 18.00€

 *all main dishes are served with rice or potatoes


Burgers : 12,00€ /each

-Cidreria`s beef burger with homebaked bread, chokeberry cider-onion marmalade, greens, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese, served with fried potatoes

-Burger with crunchy chicken, homebaked bread, honey-mustard coleslaw, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese, served with fried potatoes      

-Burger with camembert cheese, aioli, greens and home-made bread

-Vegan burger with portobello mushroom, home-made vegan mayo, greens, tomatoes and home-made vegan bread


Salads :
Caesar salad with anchovy dressing - with chicken or bacon  8.00€

 Vegan Caesar salad with portobello mushrooms and special sauce  /  8.00€

Desserts :

Fondant with vanilla ice-cream  /  5.50€

Belgian waffles with butterscotch sauce  /  5.50€

Vanilla ice-cream with sauce  /  4.50€

Vegan brownie with raspberry and fresh mint-strawberry sauce  /  5.50€