Fried potatoes with sweet chilli sauce (VG)                                               3.5€

Garlic bread with srirache mayo sauce(V)      (3,10)                                       3.5€

Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce (VG) (1)                                             3.5€

Onion rings with cucumber mayo (V)     (1,3,10)                                            4.5€

Spicy jalapeno snacks with chilli mayo (V)    (1,3,7,10)                                    5€


Classic hummus with grinded cumin, olive oil and lavash bread (VG)(1,11)                     5€

You can add: fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, olives–                              each 0.5€

Dry cured ham                                                                               1€

Wood fired oven pizza: all pizza 10                                    

Napolitana – tomatoe sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes , basil leaves (V)     (1,7)                                                 

Diavola – tomatoe sauce, mozarella cheese, spicy chorizo, chilli flakes              (1,7)

With ham –tomatoe sauce, mozarella cheese, ham, oregano                                 (1,7)

Prosciutto - Nr 1 Sidrērija pizza- tomatoe sauce, mozarella cheese, rucola, Itlian prosciutto crudo and balsamic vinegar reduction                                         (1,7)

Al funghitomatoe sauce, mozarella cheese, garlic oil, mushrooms and oregano  (V)     (1,7)

Main courses :

Schnitzel Parmigiana – chicken fillet, napoli tomatoe sauce and cheddar cheese (1,7,10)      10€

Schnitzel“Latvian” – chicken fillet , mustard - pickles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese (1,3,7,10) 10€

Beer sausage – wood fired oven fried pork sausage with  adjikas mayo (3,10)                  12€

Ribs in Mūrbūdu cider marinade with Bbq or spicy chilli glaze (10)   0.450kg / 0.900kg   11€/17€

*All second courses serves with fried potatoes and fresh vegetables

Burgers: served with fried potatoes and Bbq sauce

Beef – grounded beef, tomatoes, cheddar, onions, grill mayo, rucola     (1,3,7,10)         10€

Chicken – breaded fillet, tomatoes,  pickles, cheese, rucola,cucumber mayo (1,3,7,10)     10€

Falafel burger (VEGAN) – pickles, tomatoes, rucola, vegan ma      yo.     (1,10)           10

Dessert :

Hot Belgian waffles, butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream       (1,3,7)                  5.5€

Possible allergens in menu: 1-cereals, which contains gluten , 3-eggs and products, 7-milk and products, 10-mustard and products